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From the Antebellum (c.1800-1850) Peace Movement

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The True Grandeur of Nations, by Charles Sumner (1845)

My Country, Right or Wrong, by Joshua R. Giddings (1846)

A Solemn Review of the Custom of War, by Noah Worcester (1814; rev. 1833) [pdf]

A Solemn Appeal, by William Ladd (1834)

Influence of War on Civilization, by Thomas C. Upham (1836)

On War, by William Ellery Channing (1839)

The Moral Results of War, by Jonathan Dymond (1845)

On the Incompatibility of War with Christianity, by David Low Dodge (1815) [pdf]

War a Destroyer of Souls, by George C. Beckwith (1845)

Effect of War on Social Institutions, by George C. Beckwith (1847)


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Books (Secondary Sources)


Around the time of the War of 1812, peace societies arose independently in the United States and England. In the U.S., the Massachusetts Peace Society (MPS), formed by Noah Worcester, and the New York Peace Society, under the leadership of David Low Dodge were especially active. In 1828 a national organization, the American Peace Society (APS) was founded, headed by William Ladd. The MPS, and, later, the APS published regular periodicals, many of which are online today, and which are an excellent resource. They present arguments against war that are as relevant today as when they were first published. Some of the periodicals are shown below:

More informtation about these periodicals can be found on this page of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

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